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Standard Transmission Service for Calgary Drivers

All of our customers will be given the option to replace their transmission oil or upgrade to higher quality synthetic oil.

We also offer transmission service alone. Your car does not need to be booked in for a clutch replacement to request the service.

We offer transmission servicing and have a large selection of high-quality grades of oil.

cv axle

CV Axle Replacement in Calgary 

Every front wheel drive vehicle has a pair of CV axles in the front. It’s quite common for the rubber CV boot that surrounds the joint to become torn. If a torn boot is left too long, there is no way to contain the grease and the joint will become dry. Clutch-Pro can provide a CV axle assembly to fix this problem at the same time you are having your clutch replaced, or assemble the CV axle replacement only.

Like any automotive component CV axels do wear out, so they require regular maintenance; however, the most common cause of failure is a torn boot.

Aside from visual inspection some of the symptoms pointing towards a bad CV joint or axle assembly would be as follows:

  • Clicking noise while turning or accelerating
  • Vibration in the steering wheel and shaking throughout the car
  • Clunking noise when accelerating or decelerating
brake disc

Brake Replacements and Repair for Calgary Motorists

We also commonly find that when replacing clutches, the vehicle has brake pads that are quite worn or brake rotors that are quite rusted. This is going to hurt the vehicle’s performance, and because in many cases we need to remove the brake rotors and calipers, we can easily install new pads and rotors for a very small additional charge.

That’s what is considered to be a combined labor charge where most of the brake components needed to be put back on anyway so swapping them out with new parts is just a small amount of extra work. We find ways to make our labour hours go further for your benefit. So don’t wait; use our Contact Us form or call 403-246-6246 to book in.

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