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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Clutches

Q.) Is a clutch just one component?

A.) A clutch is actually comprised of at least 3 standard components with the variance of a fourth component: 1. Pressure plate; 2. Clutch disc; 3. Release bearing; 4. Pilot bearing (most vehicles).

Q.) How long should my clutch last from brand new?

A.) In most cases the life of a clutch should see approx. 100,000 km all the way up to 160,000 km, depending on what model car and of course, how hard the vehicle is driven.

Q.) How long should I expect to be without my vehicle if the clutch fails?

A.) When you have an appointment booked through Clutch-Pro we try our best to offer same day turnaround service, assuming no more than normal damage has done to the components. If your vehicle’s clutch fails suddenly and you show up without an appointment booking, we offer a rush service designed to complete service on your vehicle within 48 hours, up to 4 days maximum.

Q.) If my car’s clutch is slipping, how long can I continue to use it before the vehicle won't drive anymore?

A.) It is not a good idea for any clutch repair shop to predict how much longer a clutch should last if it already shows signs of slipping. It is likely that if the slipping just became noticeable that there will be some grace period before the vehicle is no longer operable. That being said, Clutch-Pro does not advise a vehicles owner to attempt to stretch the life of an already slipping clutch. If you can afford to replace the clutch, it should be done as soon as possible.

Q.) How much does it normally cost to have my clutch replaced through Clutch-Pro?

A.) In most 2-wheel drive (rear wheel drive) vehicles we see an average cost of $850 for parts and labor. If the vehicle is a sports car or performance vehicle the costs can increase by another $50- $200. If the vehicle is a standard front wheel drive car, Clutch-Pro offers parts and labor starting at $799. Some newer or all-wheel-drive clutch jobs average out to be approximately $850 - $1050 after parts and labour. Certain exceptions will apply; please contact us for an accurate quote.

Q.) Do I still need a complete clutch replacement if my clutch pedal feels like it has little or no resistance or if it is stuck on the floor?

A) In most cases the answer is NO. Most clutches are operated by hydraulics so if one of the hydraulic cylinders or hoses has gone bad, Clutch-pro can repair this problem too. The good news is the cost of a cylinder or hose is roughly 20% of the cost of a replacement clutch. This job takes far less time and can easily be performed the same day.

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