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Signs of Clutch Trouble

When trying to determine when your vehicle's clutch is in need of replacing, consider the following;

The most common symptom which indicates that your clutch needs replacing is referred to as slipping. Slipping is a condition whereby the engine RPM's increase while accelerating, yet the vehicle does not seem to be responding at the same time. Paying close attention to your vehicles tachometer and having a good general feel for the vehicles normal performance is the best way to judge an improperly working clutch.

If the clutch seems to hold the proper RPM range for the selected gear, but has a chattering feel in the clutch pedal, this is another common sign that the clutch could need replacing.

Some causes for slipping or chattering:

  • Standard normal wear due to mileage
  • Riding the clutch pedal as a foot rest
  • Overheating the clutch by driving too aggressively or attempting to get unstuck in slippery driving conditions
  • Defective parts or flaking friction lining
  • Contamination or oil contacting the friction surfaces
  • Clutch out of adjustment

Another common clutch issue is when the clutch pedal feels like it has little or no resistance or if it is stuck on the floor. Most clutches are operated by hydraulics so this symptom is likely a hydraulic cylinder or hose that has gone bad. Clutch-pro can repair this problem too. The good news is… the cost of a cylinder or hose is roughly 20% of the cost of a replacement clutch. This job takes far less time and can easily be performed the same day. Contact Us to book in!

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